How To Get Started In Your New Account

We are thrilled to have you as a new customer and we are looking forward to supporting your texting needs into the future!

Below are the initial steps to log into your account and get started with adding contacts and sending text messages.

First things first:

Login: (use your email and password)

Once logged in:

Set up your account, see details below:

  • Contacts

  • Keywords

  • Groups


  1. Add contacts manually (only required field is cell phone)

  2. Upload contacts using our csv template


  1. Setup a new keyword

  2. Add keywords

  3. Upgrade a demo keyword to paid keyword rental, start in Keyword Manager and Edit the demo keyword


  1. Groups are NOT required to text

  2. Groups are helpful if you have multiple audiences or keywords

  3. Groups can be associated with keywords for user opt-in

If you have any questions after setting up your account, please reach out via the portal and we will support you and your team on all fronts!