How to add contacts

Once you are logged into your account follow these steps to add contacts one at a time:

  • Click Contacts

  • Click Add Contacts 

  • Enter Cell Phone (only required field), First Name, Last Name, Email address, Secondary email, Company Name

  • Click Submit

How to use the upload template:

  1. Download the csv template attached here

  2. Merge OR copy/paste your contact info in the EXACT format of the csv file

  3. If you would like to add a group(s) to your contacts:

    1. Create the Group first in the Add Groups tab of your account

    2. Copy the exact group name

    3. Place it into the column for group (up to 5 unique groups can be added per contact)

  4. Save csv file (must be csv)

  5. Browse and add file

  6. Process csv

  7. Done!

NOTE: Each Admin that you add will have the same rights as the original Admin.