Employee Engagement and HR Texting Campaigns

You can use texting to engage your team(s) in a multitude of ways. We have listed below some of the ways customers are utilizing Mobilize US to increase employee communication in a way that is simple and timely.

  • Policy changes, employee benefits, or enrollment deadlines – These are crucial communications, missing a deadline could cause an issue. While the initial message can be sent out via newsletter or email, following up with text reminders is a great way to remind and reinforce. This covers your bases given that emails currently have a 20% read rate.

  • Employee Incentives – Creating a positive company culture is part of fostering a healthy and productive workplace. When your staff feels valued and appreciated they are more productivity. One study even found that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees! For a simple and cost-effective way to boost office morale, turn to texting. Send out “kudos” and acknowledge a job well done to staff through texting! 

  • Solicit Employee Feedback – Sometimes you find yourself needing feedback or approval from several people before making a decision. That can result in long email threads and unclear results. With texting you can create a custom survey and send out a simple text to collect data in a much more organized way. 

  • Shift Scheduling – Do you have hourly employees or shift workers? Then you know the damage missed shifts can cause. You can utilize texting to get fast responses to shift coverage needs and all responses are date/time stamped. 

  • Send Quick Reminders – Sometimes the day can slip away from us. Don’t let a meeting or phone call go unattended. Instead, send out quick reminders that can be viewed on the spot. For jobs where regular training or certifications are involved, set up automatic reminders to ensure nobody misses a required meeting/training. 

  • Connect with Remote Workers – Work life in the 21st century doesn’t always look like your traditional office job. With some employees traveling and others working from home, there is always a need to keep your team in the loop. Texting is a great way to check in with these road warriors and ensure your remote team is on task with status updates.

  • Manage Time sheets - Time sheets can start to pile up for any payroll specialist. You can automate reminders for employees to approve time sheets and submit overtime requests.

If you have any questions about employee engagement texting campaigns, please reach out to our support team!